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Right Lane America
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87 Year Old American Folk Singer - Lonnie Lonnquist

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 I have traveled over 88,000 miles touring America on my motorcycle,
visiting 50 states, the Alaskan Highway, Canada 
and The Yukon Territory.

This epic solo adventure ride across America by an Octogenarian biker has been chronicled
in my BLOG:
  Right Lane America and in my book, Discovering Life After Alzheimer's - The 26,000 mile ride   

Feature stories have appeared in the:
Houston Texas Chronicle   Florida TV News   -   Helena Montana Independent Record 

Black Girls Ride On-Line Magazine   -   Get Yonder Long Distance Riders Magazine

From the Iron Butt Association 48x10, 10,000 mile ride through all of the lower 48 states in 10 days, to the
50cc Quest, Coast to Coast, San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL in under 50 hours, this has been an epic adventure. 
The slow flower sniffing rides through the nations heartlands have been a wonderful experience for an elderly Long Distance Biker.
Watch for me, I'll be in the Right Lane America