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The New Del "Lonnie" Lonnquist
Celebrate Montana CD
Guitar - Banjo - Vocal

Songs include:
Montana Sunset
Celebrate Montana
Pictures (click to listen)
Do You Ever Miss Montana
Back Home On The Range For Me
Grandpa's Greatest Ride
Montana Rusty Rail Car Blues
You Played All My Memories Tonight
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In the past 4 years I have traveled over 88,000 miles touring America on my motorcycle,
visiting 49 states, the Alaskan Highway, Canada
and The Yukon Territory.

This epic solo adventure ride across America by an 83 year old biker has been chronicled
in my BLOG:
  Right Lane America
and in my book, Discovering Life After Alzheimer's - The 26,000 mile ride   

Feature stories have appeared in the:
Houston Texas Chronicle
  Florida TV News   -   Helena Montana Independent Record 

Black Girls Ride On-Line Magazine   -   Get Yonder Long Distance Riders Magazine

From the Iron Butt Association 48x10, 10,000 mile ride through all of the lower 48 states in 10 days,
to the 50cc Quest, Coast to Coast, San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL in under 50 hours, this has been an epic adventure. 
The slow moving, flower sniffing rides through the nations heartlands
have been a wonderful experience for an elderly Long Distance Biker.

Watch for me, I'll be in the Right Lane America

Cocoa Beach, Florida Farmers Market - Every Saturday 9am - 3pm
Brookdale Melbourne, FL March. 13 2018 3:30PM
Inspired Living Melbourne, FL March 9, 2-18 2:00PM
OPIS Indian River Country Melbourne Feb 20, 2018 10:30AM
Brookdale   Melbourne, FL Feb 13, 2018 3:30PM
       Moved to Melbourne Florida                 Nov. 1, 2017  
Aug. 29, 2017 - Elkhorn Rehab Center Program (after wedding) Married at 12 Noon and did program at Nursing home at 2PM  
Aug. 15, 2017 - Hunters Pointe - Helena, MT 11AM Helena  
Aug. 29, 2017  -  Elkhorn Rehab  -Clancy, MT  -  2PM Clancy, MT  
Lewis & Clark Caverns - 2PM Whitehall, MT Montana's First State Park  150 mile Round Trip 7/23/17
Sweetwater Retirement - 3PM Billings, MT Billings, MT  500 mile Round Trip 6/28/17
Grandview Senior Community 2PM Great Falls, MT Great Falls, MT  200 mile Round Trip 6/7/17
Grandview Senior Community 2PM Great Falls, MT Great Falls, MT  200 mile Round Trip 6/7/17
Senior Center - Chester, MT Chester, MT 420 mile Round Trip 5/23/17
Assisted Liviing Center - Chester, MT Chester, MT 5/23/17
Anchorage, Alaska - Visiting Great Grand Children 5,000 mile Round Trip 6/12/17 to 6/26/17
Attending Grandson's Wedding San Jose, CA  3,000 Miles Round Trip 7/15/17

Elkhorn Healthcare & Rehabilitation

Clancy, MT 11/11/16 2:30PM
Libby, Montana Prime Timers  600 mile round trip  11:30AM 10/21/16 -
Grandsons Wedding in Minneapolis Flower Sniffing Ride - 2500 miles round trip 8/24 to 8/30/16
Aug. 8 to 18 - 48 States in 10 days

The Iron Butt Association  48x10 - 9,500 Miles

8/8 to 8/20

Sidney, MT - Sunrise Festival - All Day 7/9 1100 mile round trip
Sidney MT - The Lodge - 3:00pm
Malta, MT - Phillips Co. Hist. Society 6/21 700 mile round trip
Malta MT - Hi Line Retirement Center 6/21
Billings -  Aspen View  6/8 500 miles round trip
Butte - The Springs  6/1 125 miles round trip
Bozeman - The Lodge  5/26 180 miles round trip
Whitefish - The Springs  5/18 575 miles round trip
Helena - Hunters Pointe  5/11
Helena - Touchmark  5/6